The Mormon is the first of its kind in the history of the Mormon, and it is the first of its kind in the history of Mormon.

Many of these beliefs are often misunderstood or seem strange to some. THEREFORE, here we go now into more depth For Those Who want to know more about synthesis foundations of faith, the people in the faith of the Mormons interested.


Mormons have the belief that every personal revelation can receive.


Anyone can receive personal revelation

We believe that we are all children of God. Does not the scriptures always refer to God as Father? He is the Father of Christ. Just as we all have an earthly father, he is the father of our spirit. He wants us to know him, to speak to him.

We can receive personal revelation in various ways. (1 Kings 19:12) of the Holy Spirit, and for a special purpose in a more dramatic way, through visions and phenomena.

Often personal revelation is the result of a search: prayer, fasting, reading in the fonts in search of answers. Mormons believe in these moments and try to create them consciously, to get guidance and direction in life.


The offices of the Mormons are unpaid.


Work in the church is not paid

As a member of the Mormon community, you will be able to search for a job as a volunteer. Members of the School of Music and Performing Arts, They are in the temple, go on a mission and help the needy, or they are members or not.

So how is the church financed? Investments are made, but the Church receives the greatest support from believers all over the world. The members donate 10% of their income to obey the commandment of tithes from the Old and New Testaments, so can be printed and maintained, fonts and hymns can be printed, humanitarian aid Operating costs can be covered.

Like all other Christians, the Mormons also want to improve the world through their service and love for the people around them.


Mormons believe that God is speaking through living prophets, as he did in the time of the Bible.


God speaks through

We believe God did, in addition to prayer, always by the Prophet has spoken to us. Thus, instead of giving instructions to each individual, he can work by the servants.

At that time, the prophets warned of danger, called people to repentance, taught the gospel of Christ, and wrote down the instructions which were received from God as holy scriptures, which still give us guidance today

This is exactly what the modern prophets and apostles are doing. Instead of writing, write, write, write, read, write. The teachings are transcribed, translated, printed, published in 43 languages. Parts of it are published in 93 languages.

And how do we know? Christ said, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Are you a Christian? Do they live by what they teach? When we pray and ask the Lord, we can get a personal testimony of their vocation and develop faith in them as living prophets today.


Mormons believe in a life after death.


Mormons believe in a life after death, which is different from heaven and hell

One of our most beautiful teachings is the doctrine of life after death. We divide the lives of two people – heaven and hell – we believe that there are eternal rewards on different levels and not just a “passed” or “failed”. Christ Himself said, “There are many dwellings in the house of my father.” He knew that we could reach all the different levels of righteousness in this life.

Ultimately, however, we believe in grace. We believe in Christ as Savior, Redeemer and Advocate with the Father. We would like to thank you for your patience. For this reason Christ died for us. For this reason, we had to suffer from the atonement for our sins. This can give grace, which can give mercy. Without His mercy, we would all be. We can not do it alone.

Fortunately the Lord knows us. He knows us in a perfect way. He knows our weaknesses, sins and mistakes, but we also know our good deeds, our desires and our hearts. Everyone on earth is unique. Therefore, we believe that the sky is not uniform.

Mormons believe in three basal planes in heaven: the celestial, terrestrial, and telestial realm. The Christianity of Jesus Christ is the place where those who are baptized, have been turned back from their sins, have done their best to keep the commandments, and have a testimony of Jesus Christ. These are the ones who live forever in the presence of the Heavenly Father and the Only Begotten.

The terrestrial and telestial realm are lesser empires – here, too, there is grace, and there are good places to live there; But they have no part in the full glory of father and son. They are places where people live, who have not been faithful to their testimony, the Gospel, or have been to a life.

The “light” (that is, “outermost darkness”) is reserved for the faithful of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Without the grace of his Atonement, they can not be saved and come to heaven. This, however, will not be punishment, but will be due to their conscious decision and their evil hearts.

What about children who have died without baptism, who have never been properly instructed about the gospel of Christ, What happens to them?

We believe it is a great missionary movement. This happens on the “other side”. There, the deceased are taught about Christ; They have the opportunity to develop faith in Him and accept His Atonement.

For this reason, Mormons are examining all the genealogical reports they can find, and carry out ordinances (like baptism) in their temples. The deceased then has the option of either accepting or rejecting this regulation. (1 Corinthians 15:29) “If the dead are not raised, why are they baptized for them?” (1 Corinthians 15:29)

In the end, we still need the perfect righteousness of God for the sins we have committed; As the Mormons see it, life after death is not just a heavenly Father. It is a place with “many apartments”, where there are different levels and opportunities for missionary activity, and grace and mercy of a loving Heavenly Father.


Mormons believe that they can be together forever, even after death.


Families can be together forever

Mormons believe did the greatest joy in this life comes through a family, the Christ at the center of Their lives. These precious relationships between spouses, parents, children, and siblings teach us selflessness, service, patience and love … the attributes of our perfect Father in heaven.

The Lord himself is often referred to in the Scriptures as “Father”; He chooses a title that reveals the family relationship rather than that of a ruler; So that he manifests himself for Christ and for us as Father. In the Bible alone, the title says several hundred times. Christ is primarily called a “Son.” In the Scriptures, we are children of God, heirs of God and fellow-heirs of Christ (Romans 8:17). The Lord has given us the divine arrangement of the marriage as a commandment, and Christ. “But what God has joined, you must not separate.” (Matthew 19: 6)

All this suggests that the family should be in the next life. Paul said to the Ephesians, “I am a man who is a man of the world.” (Ephesians 3: 14-15)

God gave us marriage as one of the highest heavenly blessings of this world; We believe that these marriages continue to exist in the next life. In Matthew 18:18 Jesus says to Peter, “All that you bind on earth will also be bound in heaven.” It’s the only way to make a difference. Marriages that are closed with this authority can bind a couple together for this life; But we have the same relationship, by God and sustained life, is not destined to be broken by death. Through the seal which is made in the temple, it is to last forever.

Mormons uses much of their time and means to search for records of deceased and perform deputy sacred acts for them in temples. This includes the seal of the family for eternity. We hope that you will. In this way, those who are worthy of it.

What about those who are never experienced? God is love, and we believe the Lord is not withholds his faithful children these eternal blessings. Because of the sealing power of the temple everything is in order.

We believe that it is not just a way to make a difference. All can be together – a great family, with God as head. Thus the relations which are so dear to our hearts, which give so much importance to our lives, and which are so great to us, may remain eternally, and be carried away in the eternal fields.